Do vs. Make: Practice Exercises

do vs make exercises

The blog post “Do or Make in English?” explained when to use “do” and “make” with common English collocations. This page will provide exercises to help you test your knowledge and master those collocations. So get ready to challenge yourself!


#1. Please _____ a phone call to confirm you can attend the meeting.

#2. I _____ my hair look nice for the party tonight.

#3. We _____ love under the stars during our camping trip last summer.

#4. The baby _____ a lot of noise when she cries at night!

#5. Lucy _____ a mistake when she sent the email to the wrong person.

#6. The company _____ business with partners in China and Japan.

#7. Please _____ the laundry before you go to bed tonight.

#8. Julia _____ friends quickly when she lived abroad in Spain.

#9. She always _____ her makeup beautifully every day.

#10. He _____ paperwork every day at the office.

#11. I'm _____ food for our dinner party tonight.

#12. He _____ progress very quickly in his English classes.

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