Due To vs. Because Of Quiz

Due To vs. Because Of Quiz

Welcome to the quiz on properly using “due to” and “because of” in sentences. This quiz will test your knowledge of when to use “due to” vs. “because of” through a series of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and correct/incorrect identification. Best of luck!


#1. The cancellation of the event was _____ the bad weather.

#2. The fire alarm went off because of a faulty sensor.

#3. The concert was canceled _____ the bad weather.

#4. The project failed _____ our lack of experience.

#5. The accident was _____ reckless driving.

#6. The team lost the game due to the referee's bad call.

#7. I missed the bus _____ waking up late.

#8. She was upset _____ the unexpected news.

#9. The project's success is _____ their dedication and hard work.

#10. _____ the snowstorm, the flight was delayed.

#11. _____ her inexperience, her mistake was.

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