Present Simple and Present Continuous: Practice Exercises

exercises of present simple and present continuous

Struggling with present simple vs present continuous? The present simple is used to express habits, facts, or routines. The present continuous is used for actions happening right now or temporary situations.

To help you master the difference, here are 15 exercises covering common uses of the present simple and present continuous. Test your understanding by selecting the correct verb form to complete each sentence. These exercises will give you valuable practice in identifying when to use each of these important tenses.


#1. Apples _____ on trees.

#2. I _____ as a teacher.

#3. I _____ to you.

#4. I _____ my sister find a new apartment.

#5. John _____ tennis every Saturday morning.

#6. Right now, John _____ tennis with his friend.

#7. John _____ tennis on Sundays.

#8. We _____ to California.

#9. She reads a book every night before bed, but tonight she _____ a movie.

#10. He _____ his Master's degree.

#11. I _____ in ghosts.

#12. My sister _____ about his job.

#13. She _____ on time.

#14. Our train _____ at 9 tomorrow.

#15. I _____ Julia later.

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